Sibling support

Sibling support

Our Sibling Support Program provides a supportive environment where siblings can have fun and connect with others and enhance their self-esteem, confidence and inner strength.

My Bear Cottage Story by Elijah

I have been coming to Bear Cottage since I was five with my brother and my family and now it has almost been ten years. My favourite thing about Bear Cottage is the fact it feels more like a home and not like a hospital. It gives me, my brother and my family and others the opportunity to be distracted from the sickness, hospital and appointments and focus on having a good life.

I have been attending Sibling Camp for a while now - Junior and Senior Camp. The thing I enjoy the most is spending time with other like-minded people and sharing experiences and memories. These people will laugh, cry and make you feel great because they are going through the same things.

There are many activities that I, my family and others have the opportunity to do. Some activities I enjoy the most are the art table with Judy or Gy, Music Therapy with Belle and playing board games with the nurses and volunteers.

One of my favourite special outings has actually been this year. In July myself and other siblings from Bear Cottage went on a Destination Camp to Queensland. It was just after my brother had surgery and he and my mum were in hospital for a few weeks. Having them home was the best and traveling to Queensland was an amazing opportunity and change of focus. We went to all of the attractions in Queensland and everyone had an amazing time. I made some pretty wonderful friends as well, who I will always remember and look forward to catching up with at Superhero Day and the Bear Cottage Christmas party.

To any kids who haven't gone to a Sibling Camp, I highly recommend going. You will make friends for life and have the best time ever. It is truly an amazing experience you will always remember. Even if you are shy or nervous, it's okay - I was too!

It is so important for people to support Bear Cottage because It's not a place that extends life expectancy, It's a place that gives people a life full of enjoyment, happiness and invaluable memories - which is what all these children like my brother need. It helps sick children and their families get away from the business of life and the role of carer and focus on spending quality time together, living a wonderful life. I would also like to mention how amazing the staff and volunteers are at Bear Cottage. They are our family. They are always there when you need them and always have a positive outlook and supportive spirit.

The cooks all create wonderful food which everyone loves and the volunteers give up their own time to support and give patients and families happiness. We are grateful to be loved and supported by Bear Cottage.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019