CARE AND CONNECTION - Bear Cottage Mum's Camp

CARE AND CONNECTION - Bear Cottage Mum's Camp

Our Bear Cottage Camps are designed to allow those attending the opportunity to make connections, overcome feelings of isolation and loneliness but also to have fun and enjoy the rare opportunity to be pampered.

These camps are held in the safe and supportive environment of Bear Cottage with the reassurance that their child is receiving the best of medical care.

Attending a camp for the first time can be daunting for some, but we hope the benefits received from participating outweigh any lingering doubts. For one of our mums, Ann, who recently attended a Mum's Camp, this was absolutely the case.

"I was asked to write this testimonial a couple of weeks ago, but I have struggled. Put simply how do I describe a week that I will never forget? A week on a Bear Cottage Mum's Camp is such a wonderful thing.

It was a week in which I made real friends, friends who have supported me for six months, and friends who will be there forever. Women who know my path, because they have been on the same path, felt the same pain, and knew so well not only my absolute heartache but also the blissful highs that can be felt on a journey which is uniquely that of an extra special needs parent. It helps, of course, that these women are phenomenal. I suppose we could have been staying anywhere, and if we just didn't get along, that would be that. However, when you mix a group of six women who just click, and give them a situation where their pain can be acknowledged, their heartaches soothed, and their hair let down, you just know that things are going to get fabulous!

"I believe a better week could not be found anywhere else!"

The activities were perfect - we were able to focus on therapies such as music, macrame and art, plus some retail, beautician and movie therapy, and the wonders of a night out where the driving, food and some fantastic entertainment was well and truly organised for us. The sore feet from wearing silly shoes was my own fault...

I cannot tell you how good for the soul cups of tea and good old chats can be, but they were only ever surpassed by those same conversations with something alcoholic.

I can say I hope these friendships will last forever, but I know they will. My only regret was I hadn't met these wonder-women sooner. I put out a challenge to any of you who may be contemplating attending one of the camps in the future - I believe a better week could not be found anywhere else!"

Thank you to our Mums for their courage and inspiration and we look forward to welcoming them to Camp.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019